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Memories from the best class ever! Remember when.....

Ridley Township High School  
Class of 1959

In 1947 the children who began first grade in Ridley Township were 
destined to become the graduating class of 1959.  They attended the 
district's five elementary schools, grades 1 -6:  Amosland, Folsom, 
Leedom, Leiperville, and Woodlyn.  In 1953, this group entered grade 7 
at the Ridley Township Junior-Senior High School.  Half-day sessions 
alleviated overcrowding.  Seventh graders attended school from 11:20 
am to 3:40 pm.  In January of their 8th grade year, the class of 1959 
paraded down Morton Avenue to the brand new Ridley Township Junior 
High School, housing grades 7 and 8.
    Ninth grade meant returning to the newly-named Ridley Township Senior 
High School, where, as freshmen, the class became organized by faculty 
sponsors:  Robert Aiken, Stella Economos, Jane Kauffman, Marilyn Nuss, 
and Peter Yacyk.  Class officers elected were: Delbert Delozier, 
president; Clifton Wagner, vice-president; Mary Ann Torchick, 
secretary; Barbara MacDonald, treasurer.
    Highlights of the year were magazine sales; a class party; an 
assembly, “Homely's Odatsy”, which spoofed the 9th grade literature 
requirements, and a Freshman Hop in March.
Marilyn Nuss changed schools, but wasn't replaced as a class 
sponsor.  Class officers elected for the sophomore year were: David 
Lake, president; Robert Evans, vice-president; Beverly Trosley, 
secretary; Barbara MacDonald, treasurer.
The sophomore class party was an old-fashioned square dance.  Class 
funds were raised through the sale of Christmas cards, and the class 
assembly theme was the toy department of a large store at Christmas.  
“Springtime in Heaven” was the appropriate theme for the Sophomore 
Hop.  Thespians of the class performed 3 one-act plays for the 
    Junior class officers elected were: David Lake, president; William 
Evonsky, vice-president; Beverly Trosley, secretary; Patricia 
Armstrong, treasurer.  Fund drives were paramount with another sale of 
Christmas cards,  plus after school candy sales.  The class party was 
a Halloween masquerade, but the highlight of the autumn was wearing 
new class rings and having classmates turn them 59 times.  The class 
assembly was a football season/ Harvest Ball/ boy meets girl theme.
The junior play was a murder mystery, “The Thirteenth Chair”.  The 
junior prom was an “Oriental Fantasy”, with prom queen, Mary Ann 
Torchick, reigning.
    Elected as the senior class and lifetime officers were: Donald 
Sellers, president;  Delbert Delozier, vice-president; Beverly 
Trosley, secretary; Barbara MacDonald, treasurer.  Student Council 
leaders elected by the entire school were:  David Lake, president; 
William Evonsky, vice-president;  Patricia Armstrong, treasurer.
Autumn was spent selling Christmas candles, sitting for senior 
portraits, and voting for fourteen class representatives: JoAnnBecker, 
Delbert Delozier, John Dunn, William Evonsky, Fritz Henn, Vince 
Jordan, Anna Kirifides, David Lake, Barbara MacDonald, Ann Moss, 
Richard Ortolano, Carl Payne, Donald Sellers, Beverly Trosley. The 
senior assembly theme was a typical teen day at Tony's Pizzeria.  
Instead of a senior play, the class opted to present the first Ridley 
student Variety Show, which featured the multiple talents of the 
senior students.
    The final months of high school featured major events.  The class, 
with sponsors and parent chaperones, spent three days and two nights 
in April sight-seeing the highlights of  Washington, D.C.  An evening 
of dinner and dancing at the senior prom, “Colonial Enchantment”, on 
May 8 was held at the Benjamin Franklin Hotel in Philadelphia, with 
Barbara Dalson as prom chairman, and Patricia Armstrong as senior prom 
queen.  Breakfast was at 1 am in the Garden Terrace of the hotel.
Final exams were taken, the class poll was voted upon, and the Class 
Night dinner was held on May 30.  After dinner, the twenty-fifth 
edition of the Archive was presented to the School Board by Ann Moss, 
editor-in-chief.  A baccalaureate service was held on May 31 in the 
auditorium of the Ridley Township Junior High School.  At the same 
site, the graduation ceremony was June 2, when Ann Moss presented the 
valedictory address and Harry Dunn the salutatory address.
Reunions have been held at 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and now soon-to-be 50!

How many times did we sing this?   Remember how it goes?   Got the tune in your head?

                                                    ALMA MATER

                      I                                                            II                                                                  III
On a hill in Ridley Township        On the field or in the classroom       Through the years which lie before us
There's a school most dear;               May thy children be                                 Be our guiding star ---
Alma Mater we have named it,         Striving ever onward, upward                   Let thy sprit live within us
Come, let forth our cheer.                 To improve with thee!                              Though we wander far.
Ridley Township!  May we ever      Ridley Township! Never waver               Ridley Township! Alma Mater!
Keep thy name most high ---            From thy destiny ---                                 We'll remember thee!
You have set a standard for us,         And thy many sons and daughters            And thy precepts long will linger
May it never die.                               Loyal still will be.                                      In our memory.

Those were the days --- Remember?

Did you know that we were the TWENTY FIFTH graduating class from Ridley Township High School?